Saturday, April 18, 2009


Liv went to prom tonight with her boyfriend, Mike Bessman. They looked great - hope they have a good time!
Getting the corsage!

Heading to Prom - they were so tired of pictures!!

The Grand March at Prairie Valley (Mike's high school).

Zoe Riding

Zoe has decided that, this year, she loves her motorcycle! Last year we couldn't bribe her to ride it and this year we can't keep her off it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grandma's Bowling Christmas 2008

Liv and Aaron

Alex, Shannon & Andy - enjoying the game


Maddie, Liv, Andy, Alex and Jackson

Maddie, Liv and Andy

Minshall's forced family fun!

Like father, like daughter

Hardine Family

Susan and Maggie

Jacy, Kurt and Maggie

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dome - Revisted

So it was back to the Dome on Friday, November 21st. Southern Cal (12-1) took on Tama (13-0). Everyone was fired up, but very nervous (OK, so maybe just I was nervous!). We all knew Southern Cal was a great team, but anything can (& does) happen in the Dome...

Shannon and Barry looking cool and calm - gettin their game face on!

Team warming up for the Class A State Championship

Lining up for the National Anthem

These next few pictures are courtesy of the Des Moines Register

At the end of the 4th quarter the game was all tied up. I was so nervous my stomach hurt!!

But not to worry, in the end Southern Cal was triumphant!! We scored a touchdown on the 4th down of overtime which tied up the game again (21 to 21), then we went for the two point conversion & made it!! I think Tama thought we would kick a field goal & tie up the game to head into double overtime - they were not expecting us to go for the two points! I have to admit, I was not sure we were going to pull it off (I am such a pessimist), but I was totally wrong! It was so exciting!! The game of a lifetime!

It was so fun to watch how ecstatic the boys/fans were!

This is the look of a happy (& relieved) man!

The team with their trophy!

Hard work does pay off!

When we got back to Lake City, there was a welcome home rally for the team. Most of the town showed up! The boys and coaches worked so hard to get a championship. Lake City couldn't be more proud!!!

Coach Case gave a great speech.

Shannon with the coaching staff.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Once again, the Southern Cal Mustangs made it to the 1st round of playoffs at the UNI Dome on Friday, November 14th. We played the Madrid Tigers. Both teams were 11-1 on the season. For the 6th straight year, Shannon is once again one of the team statisticians. He loves helping the team and being part of the excitement of high school football!

Getting ready for the game...

Statistician & water boy (Bobby Boucher eat your heart out!)

Shannon consulting with a player, giving him the ol' pep talk ;)

Minutes before the start of the game - getting ready for the National Anthem.

The Lady Patriots are a group of girls (ranging from sophmores to seniors) that sing the national anthem for all of the Mustangs' events. Each year they get invited to sing at state sporting events such as the girls state basketball tournament, the state wrestling tournament & the state football playoffs at the UNI Dome. They are awesome!!

The tigers fought hard...

But in the end the Mustangs were victorious!!! We play for the championship on Friday, November 21st. There will be no school that day and I have taken the day off work - we will all be in attendance to watch the Mustangs take on Tama!!

Liv - in her fan attire

Liv and Shelby enjoying the game